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There is nothing more beautiful than a bride! The combination of a formal wedding gown and the Maui scenery cannot be beat! If you prefer a more casual dress that is fine too. Just be sure that whatever you wear, the grooms outfit complements it. In other words, if you wear a gown he should wear a tuxedo. If you are casually dressed he should be casually dressed as well.

We recommend that you purchase your gown before you arrive on Maui. You do not want to spend your short time here searching for something to wear. Make sure if you are getting married on a beach that you have your dress a little shorter than usual as you will sink in the sand a bit. We do carry some adorable white wedding flip flops with beads (see below), veils, jewelry, and all kinds of wedding accessories.There are a couple of Bridal Shops here but you will have to do some running around and allow time for any alterations you may need.

If you would like, you can send your dress ahead by UPS or FED EX. You will definitely want to have a tracking label on it so you can be sure it arrives safely.Please try to send it about 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. We do have a steaming service available! A good trick is to roll not fold the gown. If you decide to bring it on the plane try to have the stewardess hang it in first class so you can prevent wrinkles! Generally, it is $25.00 an hour for steaming. Read your labels. Sometimes certain materials can not be steamed. Veil material usually will not steam well. Do not crush or fold your veil. Roll it! If you send it ahead please send it to The Maui Wedding Connection, 1087 Limahana Place, Suite 1A, Lahaina, HI, 96761. You can not Fed Ex or UPS to our P.O. Box. 

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